George Maurer posts libretto for Autumn Song

I’ve been asked to post the libretto for my recent production of Autumn Song, so friends and fans can spend more time with the poetry of Rilke and Tennessee Williams. This will be our script for the performances in Provincetown in September. Click here for pdf of all the poems.

George Maurer presents World Premier of First Theatrical Production: Autumn Song

Poetry becomes song on July 23rd, when two world-renowned poets enjoy a musical conversation infused with soaring jazz, gospel and art song. Composer/pianist George Maurer sets the poems of Rainer Maria Rilke and Tennessee Williams to imaginative melodies that liberate a heartbroken young writer. Autumn Song is a deeply moving evening of new music, where beautiful poems meet fresh…


Empire Builder: “Why We Wrote a Train Opera” by Anne Bertram

It’s hard to articulate why trains matter to me, though clearly they do, since I’m working on this project. The first thing that comes to mind is an image from my childhood: nighttime in my grandmother’s farmhouse in West Chicago, Illinois, the view out the picture window in the living room. Wide, dark fields under…


Empire Builder: George’s Train Opera

I’ve always been fascinated by trains, but not in the way some rail enthusiasts tend to be; lauding a mode of transportation that, while destined to join the American public, her industries, and her coasts together by 1876, also ended up permanently scattering her Indigenous peoples and exploiting immigrant labor in it’s rush to gain…