George Maurer is Riding for a Cure

George rides once again in memory of Carolyn Held, a close friend who made her own bicycle ride across the country in 1988. She died in 2012 after a one-year battle with cancer, and George wanted to make a contribution in her honor.

He embarked on his first ride for a cure, “48 Across the 48,” in 2014,  contributing to the greater good by raising money for cancer research at the Mayo Clinic.

George’s bike adventures have expanded his creative boundaries as much as they have pushed his physical limits as he pedaled across the United States, Iceland, Sri Lanka and Canada, clocking over 7,000 miles on his bicycle.

He reached his $50,000 goal with 2018’s “52 Across Canada” and starts a new course in Vietnam

He plans to immerse himself more deeply in the communities he pedals through, volunteering and also helping raise awareness over the unexploded ordnance still threatening the landscape. He’ll also document the sights, sounds and people he encounters for his blog “Tales From a Bicycle Seat.”

George’s 6th annual bicycle ride for a cure for cancer is a four-week, 1200 mile long ride in May-June 2019 along the coast of Vietnam from Hanoi, south to Ho Chi Min City, with the goal to raise another $5,000 for cancer research at Mayo Clinic.

George plans to hold true to his original goals for these epic rides: to push his own limits while contributing to the greater good. But he sees an opportunity to explore new artistic territory and contribute more to the places he visits.

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