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Empire Builder: George’s Train Opera

I’ve always been fascinated by trains, but not in the way some rail enthusiasts tend to be; lauding a mode of transportation that, while destined to join the American public, her industries, and her coasts together by 1876, also ended up permanently scattering her Indigenous peoples and exploiting immigrant labor in it’s rush to gain […]

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Minneapolis composer/performer George Maurer releases new CD that takes listeners along on his wayward musical journey

Oct. 13, 2009 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MINNEAPOLIS — Buckle up and get ready for an auditory adventure. Minneapolis-based composer and performer George Maurer displays his diverse array of musical styles on his new compilation of 12 original compositions, “Songs from the Wayward Journey: The Nicollet Island Compositions Volume 1.” It’s a journey in that Maurer […]

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