Jazz Nog

Led by pianist/composer George Maurer, the George Maurer Group performs traditional jazz to swing, blues to bebop, and a healthy dose of originals. With special guest: Jim Ten Bensel, trombone, bass trumpet. Captures the spontaneity of a live George Maurer Group performance, with the sounds of a live jazz club in action and the usual group banter that is a staple of their performances.

Jazz Nog is available for purchase at:

  • Twisted
  • Songs From the Wayward Journey
  • Sniff the Mitten
  • SJU Anthem
  • Retrospect
  • A New Tradition Christmas
  • Jazz Nog
  • Christmas in the Pines
  • Falling Colors
  • Silent Past/Powerful Presence
  • Out of the Powerful Silence
  • Behind the Pine Curtain